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Are you:

  • the 1 in 4 who gets the Winter Blues?
  • the 1 in 25 who gets clinical seasonal affective disorder – SAD?
  • the 1 in 10 with non-seasonal depression?

Do you:

  • lack energy, suffer from poor concentration?
  • gain weight and crave carbs?
  • sleep too much – feel like you want to hibernate?
  • lose interest in life and withdraw socially?
  • suffer most during the short days of winter?



Want to do something about it?

Consider: Bright light therapy – phototherapy

Bright light therapy – phototherapy:

  • the shining of bright light into your eyes for 15-30 minutes/day
  • quickly decreases brain melatonin – causing wakefulness, and
  • increases brain serotonin – causing mood elevation
  • is very effective for Winter Blues treatment, seasonal affective disorder – SAD, and other depressions
  • has been first-line treatment for over 20 years
  • helps you feel better without drugs
  • few, if any, side effects – (too much light may be like too much caffeine)
  • is very cost-effective – far less expensive than medication, even less expensive than coffee

womanvisorThe Feel Bright Light:

  • allows you to easily get your 15-30 minutes of bright light therapy each day
  • provides 8-12,000 lux of blue-green light – the effective dose of the most effective and safest color
  • in the most convenient way – it’s portable
  • simply mount the Feel Bright Light on your hat visor
  • go about your morning routine while you receive your bright light therapy – no more sitting in front of a light box for 30 minutes
  • does not interrupt your normal daily routine

Fight Fatigue –with the Feel Bright Light!

Use bright light therapy with your Feel Bright Light to shift your body clockcircadian rhythm – to relieve:

  • jet lag – move your body’s clock to your new time zone
  • shift work fatigue – adjust your body’s clock to the awake/sleep schedule you need
  • sleep phase insomnia – shift your body’s circadian rhythm so you are awake during the day and asleep at night

Temporary wakefulness:

  • for on-the-job or on-the-road alertness – within a half-hour of bright light therapy, most folks are wide awake for 3-6 hours
  • before the big exam – be awake to study, and alert for the exam
  • when being alert is mission-critical – for military or civilian jobs where being alert saves lives – Air traffic controllers and weapons systems controllers performed a multi-tasking test 70% better if they used bright light therapy at the start of their shifts
  • Bright light therapy with the Feel Bright Light is better and cheaper than coffee – like caffeine without the jitters or pit-stops

Possible other medical uses for the Feel Bright Light:

  • Alzheimers – “very exciting results” in a recent study – “Mom is now sleeping at night and is much happier.”
  • research suggests bright light therapy may be useful in many seasonal or cyclical illnesses
  • PMS, bulimia, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, ADD