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You’re not alone!

Sixty percent of newborn babies develop temporary elevations of bilirubin in their blood within the first few days of life. If that level gets too high, permanent brain damage can occur. Therefore, most babies who become jaundiced (look yellow) and whose bilirubin climbs to certain levels (5-8% of newborns in the US) need bright blue light phototherapy. This simple therapy usually brings their bilirubin down to safe levels within one to several days.

Physician Engineered Products, Inc. (PEP) has been on the leading edge of infant phototherapy for neonatal jaundice (hyperbilirubinemia) for over 25 years – and is among the first to make portable devices that can be used in the home or in hospital. PEP designs, manufactures and markets the fastest healing phototherapy devices available. The PEP Bed (Ultra BiliLight Model 2000) has been PEP’s flagship product for several years. Now, PEP is making home and hospital phototherapy even more practical and affordable with the Bright Embrace.

In addition, PEP has developed innovative products that enhance phototherapy:

Bili-Goggles – protect baby’s eyes while allowing them to see

Bili-Mirror – attaches to overhead phototherapy devices to protect caregivers and increase the light dose to near-PEP-device levels

Bili-Cart – for use with the PEP Bed in hospitals