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Physician Engineered Products - Brightening Your Future Through Medical Innovation

Expertise in bright light therapy, harnessing the healing power of light
We Can help

NEW! Single-Use Bright Light Therapy for Babies

PEP’s new and very affordable Bright Embrace is a single-use baby device that delivers intensive bright light therapy for jaundiced babies.

Fight Seasonal Affective Disorder With The Feel Bright Light

Our portable self contained bright light therapy device that allows you to take your daily dose of light while performing other activities.

PEP Bed -Portable Bright Light Therapy for Babies

Treat jaundiced infants at home or in hospital with bright light therapy – quickly, safely, easily – with the PEP Bed.

Why Choose Physician Engineered Products (PEP)

  • PEP is a physician-owned company
  • 25 years experience designing and building innovative medical products and services
  • Expertise in bright light therapy
  • Ongoing research and development
  • Made in Maine

Learn about the Light Embrace, the Single-Use Bright Light Therapy for Babies